Monday, November 16, 2009

Scintillating side berths

I had got what I had asked for; and got cozy for the night. The 'side lower' berth on Indian trains are unique in two aspects - being 'lower' berths, no one competes for them (they being shorter in length than full-sized berths); and each berth has two windows to its own. It's quite an experience at night on this kind of a berth; with both windows drawn up, one can observe stations, structures and foliage whiz past, somewhat symbolic of the progress of the Indian Railways. With the stars above and the wind gushing into you, what more could you have ask for one helluva night! Of course there's plenty of noise, but that doesn't disturb my sleep; it's the occasional departure announcement at some nondescript station at the dead of the night that would. Nevertheless, I'd take it for all that I get!