Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Job's of the jobless

With almost all my wing-mates having been 'placed', the wing itself portrays a picture of relief, joy and calm.

Its members are now truly vettis (used as a noun/verb, meaning 'jobless people' here, for the uninititated.. Do remember, u will get to see a lot of this word here.. ) What do they do now? Well, stay in the net lab all the time scrapping each other in orkut!!

They were so vetti that I once saw two guys sitting next to each other and scrapping in orkut!! How frustrating would it have been for me when I was waiting for a comp!!

Of course, who would forget communities? Gappan, from 37, created a community called 'Pearl #34 Inmates' (Ahem, FYI, 34 is my room :-) ) .. It is supposedly for "all those vetti people who spent their day time/ night time in Pearl #34" .. What a waste of server space!! If you are so vetti, what is the point of broadcasting it to the world?

Being the proud inmate of the now-infamous room 34, let me give an idea of how its indispensible vettis spend time in my room.

From room 36, its Kicha. Affectionately called vetti, (not that others arent!), his day isnt complete without a dig at level 7 of Mario Forever. He tries desperately everyday, to finish that level, but is unable to do so. (He is looking for cheats now.. :-) ) .

From 35, Raavan drops in so proudly to put in yet another of his fundae (PJ's actually..), forcing tears and pleas to stop from the listeners. He disappears once he gets his phone call from u-know-who and goes missing for hours thereafter.

From 29, its Vaai. Anyone who talks with him cowers in fear and eventually gets a generous dose from his foul mouth. Left alone in my room, he would play CS for hours together. He would never give up, though he gets hit everytime without any kills. What a show-off! (Sorry da vaai!! Theriyaama unmaiyellam veliya vanthuduchu..)

One cannot miss Gappan from 37, flaunting his iPod.. He arrives just to charge his iPod in my comp, create a huge playlist in iTunes and load it back again. In the meanwhile, one gets tired listening to his prattling on open-source :-) ..

And the daunting Rubbu, from 30, who has recently got fascinated by Mario Minix, refuses to leave without setting a high score. He has taken to another game, Caesar 3 as well. One should watch how animatedly he discusses with Raavan the progress he has made in Caesar. Indeed, What a job!!

Vichu, from 41, who has this never-fading smile on his face .. He spends so much time in my room that he now claims that its his own! How outrageous! He pretty much does everything in my room.. watching movies, listening to songs, spend entire days, even sleeping!! Notably, he is also the founder of Shravan ke Chaat fundae, (yet another of my wing's vetti communities), dedicated exclusively to Raavan's PJs.

And aalu, from 27, who deserves to be called the vettiest (yeah, this verb has a superlative as well :-) ) of all.. He sleeps throughout the day, and when not sleeping, listens to songs on his comp..
Aalu is so mad about his songs that he re-installed his OS ten+ times just because it did not detect his sound card!! Of course, its not at all surprising, considering the fact that he bought his comp only for listening to songs .. :) .. Fortunately, Aalu does not frequent my room like others do..

Suresh, from 39.. My classmate, who would be a strong contender for the title of Mr. Vetti.. He pretty much does nothing .. his 'job' is to visit his choicest rooms (those of kicha, aalu, vicky from I floor) , spending atleast an hour-and-half in every room .. holding very 'important' discussions.. That pretty much makes up his day :-)

Imagine my plight when this vetti gang gathers in my room and refuse to leave!.. What a horror!! It would get so bad that I would eventually be driven out of my room (of course, not consciously by anyone, but a decision that I would be forced to take ultimately..) only to seek solace in a peaceful room belonging to one of these vettis.. I prefer vichu's room for its AC-like effect, I get good sleep there :) ..

To be edited.. watch out for additions :)