Friday, December 14, 2007

All for a cup of cafe caramel

I was working(gaming, really), when Pradeep pinged me.

"Hey, Try this... Pour out a bag of chocolate powder and sugar into a cup, and add milk coffee to it. Voila, you have cafe caramel! I did it.. It tastes great!!"

Well, I hadn't yet tasted cafe caramel ever, and I thought this was my best chance. I went straight to the coffee machine, and kept a paper mug ready. I then zipped open the container with the chocolate bags, and took one out. I looked around for scissors. Damn... they weren't there. Not one to be put off by such minor obstacles, I tried to open the bag with my fingernails, only to realise that I had none protruding out of my fingers, thanks to my habit of nail-biting which had born with me.

I was thinking on what the heck could be done, when my eyes wandered to the intersecting line of two adjacent walls, which were pointing towards me. I looked at it closely. Well, was it sharp enough? Would this be the mystery weapon which would tear up the chocolate bag and satisfy my now-burning desire for cafe caramel? In typical South Indian style(where the florists would use walls to cut and measure jasmine garlands), I tried to cut open the chocolate bag. Nope, no use. It just wouldn't even leave a tiny intrusion.

I was frustrated by then. I tried the same with the intersection on the coffee machine. It wouldn't just work. I wondered why people don't keep a pair of scissors at the coffee machine to save so much trouble. It was then that I noticed a CCTV camera fixed above a neighbouring cubicle. The stunning revelation that all my futile attempts to tear open a chocolate bag could've been recorded hit me right in my face. What a shame. I wondered how many security staff had watched me in action. How many would have laughed, jeered, scorned.

I made up my mind. I took sugar with milk coffee in a cup, alongwith the chocolate bag to my desk. I was filled with determination, in spite of the humiliation that I had suffered. Nothing could then stand in the way of me and my cafe caramel. I didn't bother about the absence of any tool to tear the bag. My teeth, the most potent of any weapon on earth, were there to assist. In a moment, the chocolate was out into my cup. I devoured my cafe caramel with relish. It cooled my agony of public humilitation, and soothed my desire. I finished it, and looked back at the camera. It was pretty far, and the only lights that were on in this wing were those of mine.

Would it have caught me biting into the chocolate bag? I shuddered at the thought....